KEOGH Consulting

Operational Consulting

About Us

KEOGH Consulting provides professional consulting services to a broad range of companies with material handling and logistics operations. Our objectives include providing the highest levels of quality, value, and service in all our endeavors, always ensuring that our recommendations offer cost–effective, practical, and low-risk solutions for our Client's materials handling and logistics needs.

KEOGH Consulting is an independent Supply Chain and Logistics consulting firm that does not sell equipment or software and does not represent any specific suppliers. Rather, we help our Clients select the most cost-effective and appropriate solutions for their distribution and warehousing needs.

  • We assist our Clients in the selection, planning, and implementation of appropriate material handling and information systems required in support of efficient and responsive distribution operations in new and existing facilities.
  • We develop logistics network strategies to determine and select optimum locations for distribution facilities.
  • We provide operational consulting to analyze operational needs, and implement best-practice solutions.
  • We are an independent company and have in-depth understanding of off-the-shelf software offered by reputed software solution providers.
  • We assist our Clients in software selection, integration, configuration, and implementation.